Condensation Control

Condensation usually takes place when hot air contacts the cool surface occurs. Using KIMMCO-ISOVER insulation solution for HVAC pipes and ducts will minimize the risk of condensation. Thermal insulation is critical for Condensation. Effective thermal insulation of ducts and pipes, and air tightness of ducts avoids condensation


When the temperature of the fluid inside a duct or pipe is lower than the temperature of the surroundings, and there is inefficient insulation, then the temperature of the external surface might also decrease. If the humidity in the outer fluid increases, then there is a condensation risk. KIMMCO-ISOVER solutions can eliminate condensation risks even with high temperature differences.
Where mineral wools are used for the insulation of HVAC systems, a vapour barrier must be included to prevent the condensation occurring inside the insulation material itself. This is why KIMMCO-ISOVER insulation products for ducts and pipes have an outer facing that acts as vapour barrier. KIMMCO-ISOVER offer products in rolls and slabs with different facing material (FSK and Aluglass)