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Make your Duct System more Energy-efficient with CLIMAVER®

Do you know, up to 30% of Your Energy Costs May Be Wasted on HVAC ducts air leakages in a traditional duct system.

You can boost the energy efficiency of buildings by providing best in class duct systems. Let's explore more about what makes your duct systems more effective.

Traditionally, GI ducts are being used for HVAC ducts. To save energy and to prevent condensation, these metal ducts are insulated with Glass wool or sometimes with other insulating materials. But often sealing of duct joins are ignored to reduce air leakage since it is difficult to effectively seal, or the process is expensive. Most people are unaware of this “out-of-sight” problem around the seams and joints.

CLIMAVER®, glass wool based pre- insulated duct is one of the advanced duct systems which can be a best solution against air leakages. Besides other unique advantages of CLIMAVER® such as acoustics and fire safety, air tightness is one of the salient features that can minimize air leakages up to 90% compared to other systems, thereby optimising energy efficiency.


CLIMAVER’s Patented Joining systems  

As seen earlier, the duct seams, joints and fittings are the weak areas for air leakages.  Most of the commonly available duct system in the market, when tested fall under Class B or Class C, meaning between 5 to 2% of air are leaked in these ducts. Thanks to CLIMAVER®’s advance Shiplap system that ensures best air tightness up to 90% better than other ducts systems. CLIMAVER® duct system is classified better than best in class, CLASS D for airtightness meaning leakage is as low as 0.2% of the total air flow. 

Reducing leakage means: Energy used for heating & cooling is reduced by ~15%. Less heat loss. Less power for air handling unit (AHU) or ventilation machine needed to compensate for the effect of the leaks. Lower total airflow rates to and from unconditioned spaces. Optimised energy efficiency measures, including demand-control and heat recovery. The air needed to maintain the indoor environment at the desired temperature flows exactly where it is needed. Improves Indoor air quality. It’s time to move forward towards advanced and efficient duct systems such as CLIMAVER® to not only have optimum comfort with minimum cost, but also ensure we have positive impact towards our environment and the generations to come.