EiiF - Promoting sustainability through industrial installations

The European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) has been created in 2009 by ISOVER and 11 other major actors of the industrial insulation sector. It is a non-profit institution based in Geneva, Swtizerland, aiming at promoting and implementing the use of insulation as an efficient way to fight climate change.

European Industrial Insulation Foundation

The EiiF started with a clear statement:


Industrial companies across all sectors and geographical locations are faced with the challenge of reducing costs whilereducing their environmental footprint.
Insulation is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal, while allowing a rapid payback and an immediate CO2 emissions cut.
However, despite such an obvious relationship between insulation and sustainability, there is still an important portion of the industrial sector worldwide that is poorly or not insulated at all. 
It appears that such lack of insulation particularly comes from a crucial lack of information.


Therefore, it is EiiF mission to promote insulation as an ultimate solution for industries needing to stop losing energy and reduce production of CO2 emissions.

EiiF aims at achieving its mission via a major three-steps communication campaign targeting industry, government and the wider community:


1. Proof

As demonstrated by Mc Kinsey &Company/Vattenfall, insulation improvment has the highest untapped potential for cost-attractive and CO2 savings.



Source: McKinsey & Company Vattenfall: Climatemap - All Rights Reserved


2. Exposure: create awareness.

The Eiif strives to create awareness on the growing, much needed benefits of insulation through its participation to major conferences and events.



EiiF created an energy appraisal programme called "TIPCHECK",that trains and certifies engineers. Such engineers are then enabled to analyze industries' energy loss and advise on the most relevant and adequate sustainable installation solutions.

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