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Ecobuild roll

Ecobuild KDIP Supreme

Ecobuild KDIP Supreme insulation from KIMMCO-ISOVER. Stable glass fibers and ALUGLASS facing offer excellent thermal and acoustic performance for buildings

Duct Wrap
Ecobuild roll-2

Ecobuild KDIP Ultra

Thermal and acoustic comfort for your building with KIMMCO-ISOVER's Ecobuild KDIP Ultra insulation, made from stable glass fibers and featuring ALUGLASS facing.

Duct Wrap
EcoBuild "Improved IAQ"


KIMMCO-ISOVER's KAFI provides superior acoustic performance in floating floors with high-density glass mineral wool and optimized dynamic stiffness.

KAFI Extra

KAFI Extra

Best sound insulation with high-density glass mineral wool slabs engineered for floating floors providing nice acoustic performance, optimized dynamic stiffness


KBS Ultra

KBS Ultra provides reliable insulation with semi-rigid and rigid boards made from glass fibers and thermosetting resins. Ideal for industrial and flat roofing.


KMBR Advance

Trust KMBR Advance KIMMCO Marine Insulation to provide superior thermal insulation for your marine equipment thanks to its lightweight and strong construction.


KMBR Premium

KMBR premium KIMMCO Marine Insulation is perfect for marine applications due to its light weight, resilience, and ease of handling.


KMBR Smart

KIMMCO's KMBR Smart marine insulation for a robust & lightweight solution that is easy to install & maintain, & that will keep your vessel in top condition.


KMBR Smart Plus

KMBR Smart Plus insulation from KIMMCO-ISOVER provides superior marine insulation performance with its stable glass fibers and thermosetting resin binder.