Acoustic insulation

Silence is golden

Many industrial installations work at high pressure, with fast moving media and often turbulence, all of which can cause high noise levels. Acoustic insulation in this field therefore has two main objectives  :

  • to protect the hearing of personnel working close by and, particularly in urban areas
  • to reduce ambient sound in the local environment.

KIMMCO-ISOVER offers a wide range of mineral wool solutions for optimal acoustic insulation

KIMMCO-ISOVER mineral wool solutions are characterised by high longitudinal air-flow resistance (up to 100 kPa·s/m²) and uniform porosity (93-99%), resulting in high sound attenuation levels. Their outstanding performance is a direct result of their elastic properties and low modulus of elasticity, which gives KIMMCO-ISOVER mineral wool solutions a low dynamic toughness, and makes them superior to other insulants, such as plastic foams.

Acoustic absorption

KIMMCO-ISOVER mineral wool products offer excellent acoustic absorption, absorbing up to 95% of sound energy at certain frequencies.

The sound absorption or attenuation properties of KIMMCO-ISOVER products (characterised by an absorbtion coefficient α) are listed in relevant technical datasheets. As found for instance in exhaust gas and de-sulphurisation equipment. Special facings, such as black glass tissue or glass fabric, are also available on request for applications requiring even higher acoustic absorption.

Sound reduction

In noisy working areas, sound reducing techniques can be used to supplement sound absorption. Sound reducing constructions using the mass-spring-mass principle, or sound capsules, can be particularly useful in reducing noise emissions from industrial processes into the ambient environment, especially in urban areas.

KIMMCO-ISOVER mineral wool with high longitudinal air flow resistance values, high elasticity and high α sound absorbing values can reduce sound emissions in these constructions significantly.