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Curtain wall

Curtain wall systems are a non –load bearing structure of an external wall. Curtain wall separates the exterior from interior supports its own weight and it transfers other load to the building structure. 



KIMMCO-ISOVER’s façade insulation products are non combustible and hydrophobic in nature, does not attract moisture. The open cell structure keeps the insulation dry. Façade products are an excellent choice for ventilated and unventilated façade. The product is available unfaced- or with aluminu



ETICS is one of the most efficient systems to insulate external walls (new or renovated) to offer improved thermal and acoustic comfort. 



Floor insulation in intermediate floor acts as sound barrier preventing impact sound from being transmitted to other parts of the building through floor and wall structures.



Roof is one of the critical building structure through which nearly 40% of the heat is gained or lost and this results in increased energy wastage.It is also important to consider safety of the building while considering insulation for building.


Partition Wall

Partition wall is a lightweight, non-loadbearing wall structure. Normally partition walls are made of gypsum board with insulation as infill. 

climaver SYSTEM UL181

CLIMAVER® System - UL 181Certified

Are you looking for UL181 Certified and effective HVAC air ducts that keeps the temperature as intended, while also minimising noise?

CLIMAVER® air ducts are a state-of-the-art pre-insulated duct system made from glass wool: lightweight, efficient & easy to assemble.