Privacy Policy

1. Steps we take to keep user security safe

KIMMCO has taken all obligatory safeguards to reserve the security of personal data and, in particular, to avert it from being accessed by unauthorized 3rd parties. These measures comprise encrypted data transmission leveraging SSL and enablement of the multi-level firewall.  

2. The purpose of collecting visitor data

We collect information from you when you fill out our web enquiry forms, subscribe to a newsletter, or fill out the details on our website.
We may utilize the details we collect from you for sales communication or information about the latest company or product or services.

3. What we do with the Contact details

We may utilize your contact details for marketing communication, services and product information exchange in the following approaches:

  • When we modify the user experience, content and products in which you are interested.

  • When we handle a contest, promotion, survey or change any website features.

  • To send emails concerning your purchased products and used services we offer. 

  • Send services details, reply to website inquiries, and reply to your asked queries.

  • Promote to our mailing list after your inquiry on the website or sales procedure has been performed.

4. Security of the contact details

All the optimal security measures are in place and we assure making sure the safeguarding of the client’s contact details and other data is in compliance with applicable rules and applied policies.
KIMMCO does not transfer or rent contact data to 3rd parties or vendors for sales and marketing usage without the expressed permission of the Users of KIMMCO-ISOVER.
In case of any doubts, queries, or questions about the security of the KIMMCO-ISOVER website, it can be raised to our customer support team.
KIMMCO-ISOVER reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy and the Users shall be notified regarding these changes through our website or by email.