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Sustainable Insulation Solutions for Thermal, Acoustic Comfort and Fire Safety

The building marketplace has the possible potential to assist in protecting and safeguarding the environment. Moreover, Green building rating systems, codes, and benchmarks are turning an essential part of existing industry demands.

Why Sustainable Insulation in Buildings?

Why Sustainable Insulation in Buildings? 

  • Thermal Comfort

With precise insulation solutions, buildings require smaller and more affordable heating and cooling devices to take care of our comfort.

Comfort at your home relies on sustaining a good inside temperature irrespective of the season. This comfort is certain by resistant thermal insulation for buildings with airtightness.

Blowing cold air with an Air Conditioner reduces the hot temperature. However, it boosts the sensation of discomfort.
By explicit sustainable Insulation solutions in buildings, the requirement for Air Conditioning is diminished, and the consistency of the temperature inside the building is upheld.

By using stone wool we can save the energy from 20 to 30 %. As per the international codes and DM requirements Stone wool will achieve the required U value.

By adding Stone wool in existing wall it will increase the fire rating of the wall because rockwool is Non Combustible material.

  • Acoustic Comfort

Today, noise has turned into one of the significant sources of discomfort. People feel it essential to shield themselves from noise. Insulation even comprehends to limit sound pollution. So, it is imperative to facilitate the acoustic insulation of noise sources coming from different sources.

Stone wool reduces the sound transmission and achieve the acoustic code requirements of DM and international standards. Stone wool is Non-Combustible material when comparing to other insulation Stone wool is high safety.


  • Fire Safety

It is critical to have construction products that, in the fire scenario, don't lead to its quick spread and don't generate a destructive volume of smoke.

The objective of fire safety for buildings is to safeguard the lives of occupants and restrict fire-related harm to their healthiness.

Stone Wool has a highly effective performance related to fire reaction. Systems insulated with Stone Wool can withstand up to 2 hours of fire confrontation. Consequently, they are recurrently utilized in walls, roofs, and buildings' air ducts.
Stone Wool is also applied in shopping malls and hospitals where fire safety is highly significant.

Stone wool has achieved the Non-Combustible requirements as per Reaction to fire standards and comply with international codes of ASTM, ISO, DIN and EN tests.

Moving Forward with Sustainable Insulation Solutions

EcoBuild, provided by KIMMCO, offers sustainable insulation solutions. It is a development of high-performing glass wool insulation for building usage. Built by leveraging Saint-Gobain Isover's patented, EcoBuild contains natural resources and recycled post-consumer glass cullet.

EcoBuild comes with exclusive natural color and is a large-scale contributor in trimming down the energy consumption of buildings, no matter it is summer or winter, for heating or cooling.

So, EcoBuild has an impact in reducing the use of fossil fuels. This scenario will further help prolong the current oil and gas resources for upcoming generations.

Stone wool are free form HCFC, Asbestos materials and it never release non toxic fumes due to combustion. Stone wool complied with international Green building code requirements of ODP and GWP rate.