Excellent Fire Protection

It is crucial to have construction products that, in case of fire, don’t contribute to the spread of fire and don’t produce a harmful amount of smoke.

The aim of fire protection for buildings is to save the live of occupants and limit as much as possible any fire-related damage to their health. Therefore, the selected materials must have a low fire rate, thus reducing the quantity and opacity of smoke, gas emissions and rapid temperature increase, whilst also guaranteeing stability of the building, at least until its evacuation. Here, Stone Wool brings strong benefits in terms of fire protection. KIMMCO-ISOVER Stone Wool products are made from abundantly available rock, and are naturally non-combustible. Stone Wool has a very good performance in terms of fire reaction. It is a noncombustible material and doesn’t generate any smoke or flaming droplets. In addition to this, in case of a fully developed fire it’s important to have solutions offering sufficient fire resistance. Some systems insulated with Stone Wool can sustain up to two hours of fire resistance. Therefore, they are frequently used in walls, roofs, and the air ducts of high-rise buildings or commercial premises such as shopping malls and hospitals where fire safety is paramount. Stone Wool insulation is certified as non-combustible according to the stringent ISO, ASTM and BS tests.


Class Requirements
A1, A2 Non-Flammable, Flashover not possible
B Low-Flammability, Flashover not possible
C Normally Flammable, Flashover after more than 10 minutes
D Easily Flammable, Flashover in the space of 2-10 minutes
E Easily Flammable, Flashover in less than 2 minutes
F Easily Flammable