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Can you get cancer of stone wool? Do you have to wear protective clothing when working with the insulation?

KIMMCO-ISOVER markets stone wool with mineral wool fibers that meet the requirements of Note Q under the European CLP Regulation, and the fibers are therefore not classified as carcinogenic. The mechanical effect of fibers that come into contact with the skin can cause temporary pruritus, but the problems disappear when you leave the workplace and washed by you. A good basic rule when working with mineral wool is to not expose you to unnecessary dust. Appropriate work clothes and protective gloves are recommended when working with mineral wool. Try to keep the construction site as clean as possible and keep in mind that good air throughput reduces the build dust content. Operating Instructions.

KIMMCO-ISOVER stone wool is absolutely harmless to health. The mineral wool is in fact excluded from the carcinogenic classification, according to the criteria expressed in the note Q of the European Commission directive 97/69 / EC . 
To certify its conformity to the note Q, KIMMCO-ISOVER Saint-Gobain mineral wool uses the EUCEB certificate (European Certification Board for Mineral Wool Product). 

The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), which depends on the ' WHO (World Health Organization), has classified the mineral wool in Group 3, which states «can not be classified with reference to carcinogenic effects for humans».