Fire Protection

Giving Fire no chance

The risk of fire in industrial environments is much higher than in building and other applications, particularly when working with welding and grinding equipment in high temperature environments containing flammable and /or explosive media. 

To protect personnel and equipment it is therefore important that all steps are taken to protect possible fire sources and prevent fires starting.

Passive fire protection using non-combustible materials is the best way to eliminate these risks from the beginning or prevent fire from spreading. That is why all KIMMCO-ISOVER industrial insulation products offer outstanding fire safety properties.


KIMMCO-ISOVER industrial insulation solutions offer 'best in class' fire safety properties. They are non-combustible and are classified in Euroclass Group A - the very top classification for fire performance.

KIMMCO-ISOVER insulating materials

  • will not ignite so there is no risk of fire caused by flying sparks from welding and grinding work carried out close to the insulation
  • will generate practically no smoke and no toxic gases which is critically important for your employees, and for fire brigade personnel, should the worst come to the worst and a fire occur.

With KIMMCO-ISOVER best-in-class industrial insulation solutions, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will never be exposed to harmful gases from the insulation materials - and that you have done everything you possibly can to protect your plant - and your business.


Class Requirements
A1, A2 Non-Flammable, Flashover not possible
B Low-Flammability, Flashover not possible
C Normally Flammable, Flashover after more than 10 minutes
D Easily Flammable, Flashover in the space of 2-10 minutes
E Easily Flammable, Flashover in less than 2 minutes
F Easily Flammable

You can't always prevent a fire starting, but with KIMMCO-ISOVER insulation you can help to prevent it spreading.Fire resistance

KIMMCO-ISOVER solutions give you maximum safety in the event of fire. While it is sometimes difficult to prevent a fire from starting, it is very important once it does start to prevent it spreading to neighbouring areas, and particularly to prevent it encroaching on escape and evacuation routes.

KIMMCO-ISOVER offers an extensive range of fully testyed insulated constructions, offering from 15 minutes to 180 minutes fire resistance in accordance with local and EN standards.