Optimized Acoustic Comfort

Silence is a feature of places where we feel comfortable.

Insulation also contributes to limiting sound pollution. In our modern world, noise has become one of the major sources of discomfort. Humans, who cannot block out noise as they can with light by closing their eyes, feel it necessary to protect themselves. It is important to consider the acoustic insulation of noise sources coming from outside, inside and from ventilation system.

KIMMCO-ISOVER Stone Wool insulation products provide dual benefits of thermal and acoustic insulation. Insulation dramatically reduces the levels of external noise entering homes, offices and commercial buildings, allowing for a quiet, peaceful living and working environment. Conversely, insulation also helps to reduce noise generated from within a building (home theatres, etc) from escaping outside. Furthermore, insulation is used to reduce noise in applications such as air ducts and under metallic roofs.


Acoustic Absorption

Sound Reduction