Comfort Cavity Prime

Easy Install
Faster Installation
Fire resistance
Water Resistance
A cavity wall is made up of two walls with a gap in
between known as the cavity; the outer leaf is usually
made of brick, and the inner layer of brick or concrete
block, with the cavity being usually filled with Insulation
to get an excellent Thermal & Acoustic comfort.
Filling the cavity with the KIMMCO-ISOVER insulation
material reduces the heat gain durin
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Key Facts

• Thermal Insulation

• Acoustic Performance

• Improves comfort

• Durable

• Fire Performance

• Increase the value of the home

Product description

Comfort Cavity Prime are hydrophobic in nature with low thermal conductivity. when fitted in cavity, it provides excellent thermal performance. Comfort Cavity Prime are available in un-faced and aluminum faced type.

Product variations

Articles information
Name Density [kg/m3] Facing Thml resistance Packaging (Slab) Thickness (mm) Width (m) Lenght (m)
NameComfort Cavity Prime Density [kg/m3]50 FacingUnfaced Thml resistance1.39 Packaging (Slab)9 Thickness (mm)50 Width (m)0.6 Lenght (m)1.2