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K450 Plus Pipe sections have ALUGLASS, strong and "Zero" perm facing. These pipe insulations to insulated steel, copper or plastic pipes operating in temperature up to 232°C (450°F). Additional ALUGLASS Facing can protection of pipe insulation without the additional weather proofing coating
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Key Facts

Silent Features of K450+

  • K450 plus is faced with factory applied ALUGLASS facing.
  • ALUGLASS is aluminium foil laminated with glass fabric.
  • It has extremely high Bursting strength of 270 psi i.e. 3 4 times higher than that of conventional facings.
  • It has extremely high tensile strength of 14.5 KN/m i.e. 3 - 4 times higher than that of conventional facings.
  • ALUGLASS is having high mechanical strength, durability and dimensional stability.
  • No water vapour can penetrate as ALUGLASS achieves zero water vapour Permeance.
  • K450 plus can be used with no additional requirement of handling and weather protection such as application of canvas + vapour barrier.
  • K450 plus are rot proof, resist the effects of moisture and will not decompose through continual exposure to the elements.
  • K450 plus will not shrink due to the age or temperature variations.
  • K450 plus will maintain their thermal properties through the life time of the construction.
  • K450 plus are compatible to direct painting.
  • Recommended to use only anti-fungal and anti-bacterial paints in areas where services are exposed like malls, exhibition centres etc. for aesthetic finish.
  • This will save costly metallic cladding.

Product description

Thermal insulation of steel, copper or plastic pipes operating in temperature up to 232°C (450°F). Glass wool pipe section faced with ALUGLASS Facing will provide a substitute for conventional thermal insulation products that labour intensive work at site, e.g. Protection of pipe insulation by additional weather proofing. K450+, with ALUGLASS offers superior water vapour resistance - Zero perm and higher strength to withstand on mechanical damages to the facings.

No Corrosion, K450 Plus Pipes does not cause or accelerate corrosion of steel, copper or aluminum.

Fire Classification K450 Plus have been tested and listed by the Underwriters Laboratory according to UL 723, ASTM E 84 (File 9704).

K450 Plus achives class 1 when tested as per BS 476 part 7 and achives class 0 when tested as per BS 476 part 6 & 7.

Classification (UL 723): In both the products, Unfaced and ALUGLASS faced,  Flame spread index < 25 and Smoke developed index < 50.



STEEL PIPES TO BS 1387, BS 3600 AND ANSI / ASTM B 36.10 -1985