Thermal Insulation

Right soultions for all requierments 

  • To protect personnel: 

From contact injuries and flesh burns when working close to hot pipe and equipment surfaces and very cold surfaces.

  • To improve process security: 

Thermal insulation allows to maintain optimum min/max temperatures for transported or stored media (liquid or gaseous), to prevent corrosion due to high humidity levels/ dew point, and to prevent pipework and equipment from freezing in very low ambient temperatures.  

  • To reduce heat loss for economy: 

Decreasing heat loss or gains allows to reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain process equilibrium and save cost (heat loss calculated on the basis of ISO 12241 and industry standards such as VDI 2055). Optimising the initial insulation will reduce installation costs and provide maximum energy savings throughout the lifetime of the installation.  

  • To reduce environmental impacts:

Optimising insulation efficiency will maximise the potential for CO2 saving (and reduce costs for CO2 emission certificates), as well as provide a buffer against future rising energy costs. Insulation is indead the easiest and most cost effective way to improve thermal efficiency - usually with a pay-back period of less than 3 years.​
The use of innovative insulation materials, such as Stone Wool, and new insulation systems, such as low emissivity cladding systems, will help to provide maximise potential energy savings and improved environmental protection on industrial equipment.  

  • To increase the sustainability of processes and equipment: 

The KIMMCO-ISOVER technical product range is designed to give optimum thermal conductivity for each application and temperature. The thermal conductivity of the insulation is measured over the full temperature scale in accordance with EN 12667 for flat products and ISO EN 8497 for pipe sections.
The thermal performance of KIMMCO-ISOVER products is guaranteed by tight quality control, both internally and externally, for instance through the VDI 2055 quality scheme or other third party accreditations. By 2012, all ISOVER technical products in Europe are also CE marked according to the new EN 14303 standard for mineral wool technical insulation.

KIMMCO-ISOVER offers a range of mineral wool materials designed to suit different needs and operational temperature up to 750 °C.

Thermal efficiency is becoming increasingly important, especially for industrial installations involving high temperature media.KIMMCO-ISOVER has therefore developed dedicated solutions to insulate up to 750°C.

High performance without compromise

KIMMCO-ISOVER has developed a special high performing mineral wool range Mineral wool offers higher performance and higher efficiency due to its outstanding lambda values, especially at higher temperatures up to 750°C. It can provide much higher levels of insulation at lower thicknesses than other mineral wool types. stone wool combines many advantages in one material. As well as high thermal performance, stone wool offers excellent acoustic insulation due to its high air flow resistance.
All stone wool products are non-combustible, hydrophobic and manufactured in AS-Quality (low chloride content to prevent corrosion under insulation). The range includes various product forms, such as industrial pipe sections, wired mats, flexible rolls and slabs.

Thermal insulation with high mechanical performance

For the insulation of high temperature installations that also require high mechanical performance, KIMMCO-ISOVER offers a comprehensive range of stone wool industrial products.

KIMMCO-ISOVER stone wool industrial products combine cost efficient thermal solutions with higher compressive strength. They are all hydrophobic, with low chloride to prevent corrosion under insulation, and quality controlled. The range includes wired mats, lamella mats, slabs and pipe sections.

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